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Our current Sunday Series:

Thanksgiving and gratitude are essential disciplines in the Christian life.
But gratitude in the midst of suffering, trial, and tribulations can be difficult. However, Whenpracticed over long periods of time and incorporated into one’s daily prayer time, gratitude can help us see the very real ways God is moving in our lives and providing for us, in spite of our painful or difficult circumstances. The people of God are thankful people, for they realize how much they have been given. One of the characteristics of the last days is a lack of thanksgiving, according to 2 Timothy 3:2. Wicked people will be “ungrateful.”
Practicing gratitude helps us to both better identify the gifts we receive from God and alsorecognize just how special it is to give to those around us. Practicing thanksgiving and gratitude helps us better practice generosity because we recognize just how much we’ve received and perhaps how much we don’t deserve it….. How and with who can you practice generosity this month?

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