It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by so fast but let me remind you it’s Christmas, the best time of the year to focus our hearts and minds on Christ and the hope, peace and joy He brings.


If this is your first Christmas at New Life, then this will be your first opportunity to be a part of our ongoing Christmas miracles. Each year as we gather on Christmas eve or morning to give thanks to the Lord, each family, or individual brings a special Christmas offering that is given away in its entirety to help our local community and our international missions projects. Over the years we have given away over two million dollars to hurting and helpless people who  needed the hope of Christmas love in a very real and tangible way.


-Pastor Jason

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Our theme this year is “Let’s Do It Again"

Ten years ago, New Life did a very special thing; we decided to use our Christmas offering to build a Home of Hope with Project Rescue. Project rescue was founded and is run by Missionaries Dave and Beth Grant. Their mission and heart was to rescue young girls (some as young as 9 or 10 years old) from the brothels of India. Most of these girls had been sold into sex slavery by their parents who had been tricked into believing they were sending them off to domestic jobs in the cities, the others were children who had been born in the brothels.


In the Homes of Hope these girls are cared for not just physically but also mentally, and spiritually as they try to deal with the many memories of their torture and rape. The girls are also introduced to Jesus and the message of His love for them; it is through this relationship that they can achieve true freedom and deliverance.

Some of you may recall being a part of that initial offering ten Christmas’s ago, we raised $50,000. We were amazed at what God had done; we were a much smaller church back then. As Pastor Mark announced the total, he felt the Lord impress upon him to make an appeal. Pastor Mark asked everyone to bring that one piece of broken gold jewelry that everyone has at home and holds onto, telling themselves they’re going to fix it one day. He asked all the ladies to bring that one odd earring they had in their jewelry box after losing the matching one.


The following week Dave Grant was to be with us to thank us for the gift of $50,000 but by the time he had arrived we had sold the gold jewelry and raised another $50,000. So that day we were able to present Brother Grant with a check for $100,000. Truly an amazing story but it doesn’t stop there. Our hearts were touch by the work of Project Rescue and so over the years we have continued to heavily support their work. Recently we as a staff were reminiscing about this great move of God and it came to us “why not do it again?” We reached out to Brother Grant to tell him of our plans, he was overwhelmed by New Life’s generosity. He began to share with us the story (as only Brother Grant can) of the impact that the original offering has had. He shared that just as the home we had provided the funds to build opened its doors, the local government brought them 9 young girls around the ages of 11 & 12 years old, they had been picked up in a raid at a local brothel. A local government official visited the home when the young girls first entered and expressed concern that these young girls were “too far gone” as most were psychologically broken, physically scarred and also illiterate when they were rescued. He referred to the young girls as “animals.” Brother Grant said that it was sometimes 2 steps forward and 1 step back but God began to do a work in the girls. About 7 years later the local official returned to our Project Rescue home to again see how the girls were doing and was astonished at the progress. He could not believe that these were the same girls.

Today all of these young ladies have graduated from college and most importantly are serving the Lord. Two of them are now helping lead our home. The miracle of a small church in Trumbull rescuing and touching the lives of young girls all the way in India seems unbelievable but with God all things become possible and our prayer is Lord “LET’S DO IT AGAIN.” Just recently the government gave another group of young girls recovered in a raid to our home, the work continues and so must we. Help us this year as we seek to raise the funds to establish another “Home of Hope.”


Please take some time to prayerfully consider your gift this year. God has blessed our homes greatly this year, let’s bless others in return. We encourage you to make it a family decision; using this opportunity as a teaching moment to show your children the importance of honoring God with your finances to bless those less fortunate. In the past people have asked and so we suggest perhaps basing your gift off of what you might spend on a gift for a loved one. The important thing is not so much the amount of your gift as it is the sacrifice; give according to your blessing. Some may give $50, some $100 while others could easily give $1,000. If we ALL sacrifice and give, we will be able to meet and far exceed our goal. Bring your gift to either our Christmas Eve (5pm) or Christmas Morning service (10am). Special Christmas offering envelopes will be available in the church foyer. If you’re planning on being out of town for Christmas or if you just prefer to give online, go to, or on our web page click the “generosity” tab and select the “fund” Christmas 2019 and enter your gift amount. I know the Lord will bless you.


Can I personally challenge each family to strive to reach the $100 goal we have set for each family and also let me thank you in advance for your generosity and may God bless you for your gift.

In this testimony we have withheld the name of the location of our home, we have also withheld the names of the young women, many times due to a perceived embarrassment by local officials our homes can lose favor with those in power. We ask therefore that no one repost any pictures from this letter. We must always put the welfare and safety of the staff and young ladies first. Thank you.


Above our girls from those early years graduating as restored young women.

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