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Operation Hope is a coalition of like-minded churches, that are committed to “Transforming lives… One community at a time.” By bringing together their resources, workforce, passion and hope they partner with the national Church in Haiti to impact target areas for Christ.

 Who Are We:


Operation Hope is a multi-layered outreach to the people of Haiti. Our desire is to have a lasting impact in a focused specific area of the island, a community know as Zorange. Zorange is located about 15 miles or 40 minutes out side of the capital, Porte Prince. We have identified five areas of need in Zorange that if met would be transformational for the community. By working with our missionary in Haiti, Richard Green and a small but growing church in the Zorange we can realize this transformation.




What We Do:


We compile work teams from our cooprating churches. These teams which we call “crews” join our on the site missionaries for a one week work experiance building churches, schools, medical clinics, orphanages and digging water wells.

Our Projects:



Hope Schools:


For every 100 children in Haiti, 40 will never go to school. Of the 60 children who do, 42 will complete primary school, 20 will attend secondary school programs, and only 5 students will graduate from high school. We want to change that! Quality Christian Education is vital to our effort to transform lives here in Haiti.




Hope Churches:


A Soul- Building station- yes it’s a physical structure for Sunday church, but it’s also a beacon of Hope to the community.  A planted church is sent to be a Christ-like presence to the people living in darkness and despair. The believers who reside in these communities respond to the call and the cry of the weak and oppressed, while those in need, meet Jesus through these believers.





Hope Clinics:


80% of the population lives below the poverty line where adequate nutrition, sanitation and healthcare are luxuries. 96% of all Haitians lack basic healthcare coverage. Our goal is to build facilities that fight the health risks Haitians face. These efforts are channeled through the local church, again reinforsing in the community that Christ not only cares for their spiritual needs but also their phyisical needs. With patient education, on-going mobile clinics and community health initiatives, they can expand the Gospel impact to their neighbors.





Hope Water Wells:


Less than half of all Haitians have consistent access to clean water so most of the population depends on lakes, streams and rivers for their water source, regardless of the cleanliness. Each well built provides enough clean water for the entire community.





Hope Homes:


There are an estimated 380,000 orphaned children in Haiti, many of whom live on the streets. Another 250,000 are abandoned simply because their parents have died or no long want them. Furthermore there are an additional 250,000 children working as servants and often treated as slaves. Through these houses many will have the opportunity to be loved and cared for by the local church community.

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